European institute for Reality Therapy

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Director : Mirjana Palčič Bubnič

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About the Institute

European Institute for Reality Therapy (EIRT) was established in Slovenia. Since 1996 EIRT provides Reality Therapy Psychotherapy Training in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2011 the Institute became accredited by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) as an European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute (EAPTI). Therefore, any individual that completes Reality Therapy Psychotherapy Training within the EIRT is also entitled to be directly awarded the European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP). In the year 2014, the European Association for Reality Therapy accredited EIRT as the training institute that provides RT psychotherapy training within all of Europe.

EIRT Faculty Board is associated with 60 faculties throughout Europe which are accredited to teach RT Psychotherapy Training. Besides 5 years of psychotherapy training, EIRT also provides a  4 year training program for RT counselors , two year basic training program in Choice Theory , two year  Choice Theory training for  teachers (Glasser’s Quality School)  and many other training programs and workshops based on Choice Theory .

EIRT also offers supervision for professionals from the sphere of social welfare, healthcare, justice and education. Counseling and psychotherapy is provided by counselors and psychotherapists counseling centers all around Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia an Hercegovina.

Within the frame of promotional activities EIRT organizes conferences and expert meetings in order to promote mental health and dialog between professionals from different psychotherapeutic approaches.



European Institute for Reality Therapy was established to disseminate the ideas of Dr. William Glasser and his Choice Theory in the personal and professional lives of the general population with a view towards contributing to the quality of mental health of individuals and society.



 Choice Theory explains human behavior and how through this we can learn how to harmonize with the environment, particularly with other people, so cooperation is our basic value. Cooperation based on trust and respect. We believe that nurturing good relationships are the prerequisite for a happy life that is not possible without respecting differences. We believe that our success depends on the quality of our work.  Therefore, lifelong learning based on self-evaluation is our basic guideline.