Training for obtaining the title Reality Therapy Psychotherapist

Training for obtaining the title of Reality Therapy Psychotherapist is conducted in accordance with the criteria and standards of the European Association for Reality Therapy (EART). The training is aligned with the requirements of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). It lasts for five years, and the entire programme comprises a minimum of 1608 hours of training, totalling at least 4008 hours, including prior education.

The prerequisite for enrolment is the completion of Level 7 academic education in the fields of humanities, social sciences and medical sciences.

Candidates with degrees in psychology, social work, basic medical sciences, clinical medical sciences, public health and nursing, speech therapy, pedagogy and social pedagogy or pedagogical rehabilitation sciences can enrol in the training by submitting their diplomas.

Candidates with degrees in other fields can also enrol in the training upon submitting their diploma. Still, they must provide a certificate of completed psychotherapeutic propedeutics or its equivalent (a programme that corresponds to the content of the propedeutics programme) by the beginning of Phase II of the training. At the start of Phase I, if they wish to join the training to obtain the title of psychotherapist, they must present a certificate of enrolment in propedeutics or its equivalent. In addition to the educational requirements, candidates must also ensure they have the opportunity to undertake practical training during their studies to become a Reality Therapy Psychotherapist.